Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy. clappy, and out of the closet!

Today The Independent have published a very positive article on pro-gay evangelicals.

The article by Jerome Taylor came out of his research into a less reported side of Evangelicalism which is growing in both numbers and confidence.   Although still a minority, this more open approach to sexuality is both Biblically rigorous and genuinely evangelical.

In recent years, more and more evangelicals have been growing sceptical about traditional evangelical teaching on sexuality.  For example, in 2011, in research by Evangelical Alliance, over a quarter of evangelical Christians questioned at major evangelical festivals and conferences declined to agree with the statement "Homosexual actions are always wrong."  Interest in groups like Accepting Evangelicals is also growing - attracting over 30,000 hits per month on its website last year.

But most encouraging is the fact that we are starting to see evangelical churches and fellowships who are welcoming LGB&T Christians as they are, with their partners, and celebrating with them.  At the moment the numbers are small, and they tend to keep fairly quiet about their change of heart, but the change is beginning.

The real breakthrough will come when those churches gain the confidence to speak out publicly about their open and welcoming ministry.  Then the tide will really begin to change, and LGB&T Christians across the country will be able to rejoice in finding a spiritual home where their faith is nurtured and their gifts are welcomed.

In the meantime, I am encouraged by the article in the Independent (apart from the dodgy guy in the photo) and I hope you will be too!


  1. Hello Benny,
    It's me Nick Bensted. Interesting to hear how your views have changed over the years. I admire the way Jesus Christ included people and I admire the way you were willing to go to the Venue with me as a 19 year old (!) and include me and my friends at the time - it helped me to understand Jesus, and led to my conversion. I am sorry that there were few professing Christians there for you at the time of your wife's accident and only wish I could have been there. Please send my love and regards to her and apologies for clashes over face book. I am afraid I don't agree with you over the gay issue. But still I would like to touch base with you and find out how you are doing. If you want to know what we are up to you can go here As you perhaps know I am married with a little one- Isabel. Christian love, Nick Bensted

    1. Hi Nick - I am so sorry that I have only just noticed your comment on the blog. It is good to hear from you and wish you every blessing in your life and ministry.

      I remember well the late nights at the Venue - and the privilege which Mel and I had in praying with you to be filled with the Holy Spirit!

      I know we differ on the gay issue, but I do not see that as a bar to fellowship, and would be very happy to be in touch. Perhaps you would like to email me at

      God Bless, Benny