Monday 2 April 2012

Soundtrack for Holy Week - Mary anoints Jesus

One of the most moving acts of Holy Week was Mary pouring perfume on the feet of Jesus and wiping them with her hair.

John tells us that this was not the 'sinful' woman who came to Jesus in repentance, but Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus.

She was the one who sat at Jesus feet when Martha was doing the chores, and once again, Mary chose love over practicality when she took a bottle of costly perfume and broke it over Jesus feet in preparation for his death, just 6 days later.

Her devotion is a sign to all of us that following Jesus sometimes means throwing caution to the wind in overwhelming outpourings of love and compassion - extravagant, extreme, even wasteful love.

When she was attacked for being wasteful, Jesus rose to her defence and said that her actions would be told wherever the Gospel is preached even to the ends of the earth - and we remember her wonderful extravagant love today.

The music comes from a wonderful CD by 'Chrisitan City Youth' called 'No longer I' and is available from Amazon

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